Breaking the shackles of routine

Breaking the shackles of routine

I have been challenging myself to leave my home and discover something different as often as possible. Leaving the familiarity of my home has been a struggle over the past ten months, but recently I went to the Isle of Skye and in-spite of my anxiety I managed to have a great time and that gave me a bit of a confidence boost. So a few days ago my husband and I took our kids to visit the RRS Discovery to learn more about Captain Scott and his expedition to Antarctica and his quest to reach the South Pole first. Unfortunately when he and his crew reached the South Pole they found that they have been beaten to it by Norwegian explorers with the presence of the Norwegian flag. Captain Scott and the few who braved the treacherous conditions sadly succumbed to their hostile environment on their trek back to their ship the RRS Discovery.

My review of the RRS Discovery in Dundee:
I think it is safe to say that we all thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The boys were able to participate in the few things they had for kids to do so as a little table and chair where my toddler could practice building a ship and my 9 year old was able to lift crates of ‘food’ with a crane and lower it onto a ship. The museum had a little theatre where we were able to watch a film telling the story of the discovery and its crew and upon exiting were discovered their arctic exhibitions showing off what the crew did, the tools and weapons they used, food as well as skis they used. Once we left the museum we were able to go on board the ship and get an idea of what it was like living on it. The kids, my husband and I really enjoyed it. And I would highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area or just need something to do!

I have always loved history and learning about the discovery was amazing for my mental health. I was able to take all the information in and afterwards we went to the cafe for lunch. It was lovely. During our visit to the cafe I was able to struck up a conversation with one of the waiters and she was so happy that someone showed interest in her and genuinely wanted to know how she was doing. Knowing that I made someone else smile just by asking how she was doing, made me feel so incredibly lucky to be there in that moment. Once again it has proven to me that kindness can go a long way and who knows the next time she’s out she might do the same for someone else. It doesn’t hurt or cost anything to be kind. We live in such a dark world filled with anger and despair, and a little kindness can light up the world.

This trip was another victory for me as I was able to leave the safety and familiarity of my home and explore a different city. Mental health awareness month has given me a great reason to actively work on my self confidence because that I something I lack and need tremendously.

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14 thoughts on “Breaking the shackles of routine

  1. momminintherealworld 12th May 2019 — 8:44 pm

    It sounds like a wonderful day for the whole family. I’m glad it was good for you!

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  2. lifewithstellab 13th May 2019 — 12:34 am

    This was so sweet! Im so glad you were able to venture out! I am also a lover of history and old cities. My kids and I visited a fort many years ago. Its the only one left in Florida
    It was awesome! I pray you have more adventures like this to discover some cool places!

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    1. Thank you lovely! Oh that sounds awesome. Would love to visit that fort! I pray we will be able to visit Florida next year!!! Thank you so much for reading lovely. Xx


  3. A good day out, always felt the bravery of Scotts expedition, the kids had fun, you got out and about excellent adventure.

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  4. Very nice post! I think we can all learn a lesson from the kindness you sent out into the world! Not only does it impact the person receiving the kindness, but it amplifies the elevated feelings inside us as well. Thank you for sharing!


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  5. Naomi (Inching Forwards) 13th May 2019 — 4:52 pm

    I couldn’t agree more that breaking out of your routine is great for your mental health – I always find if I can make myself do it it really perks me up. So I’m glad you enjoyed the trip! The RRS Discovery sounds fascinating too 💛

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  6. I’m so proud of you girl❤❤
    It takes alot of courage to admit our faults, never mind work on them.
    Your going in the right direction babe, keep it going, and I’ll see you on the otherside=)
    Sounds like you had an amazing day, I am so so happy for you.

    Lots of love

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    1. Thank you lovely! I truly appreciate it! Getting there xx


  7. Your show of kindness certainly went a long way. Glad to know you enjoyed the trip.

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    1. Thank you lovely! I’ll be reading your blog Friday when I’m on the road. Just pressing to finish my essays before we go on holiday. Xx

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  8. Awesome job! Leaving your comfort zone is difficult. I’m completely there with you on that. I’m glad you were able to explore new places and talk to new people.

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